Declined Stamp
So you received an email from us letting you know that your application was declined.  Now what?

First things first, don’t take the decision personally.  We made the decision based on the information that you submitted in your affiliate application and/or your network profile and one of two things happened.  Either an automated rule noted something about your application that we have flagged, or our manual review caught something that gave us concern.  Here are a few of the common reasons that applications are declined:

  1. You classified your site with a category that we have automated rules set up to screen out.  The most common leading to a decline decision are “Media Arbitrage” and “Coupons/Deals.”  “Media Arbitrage” implies that you will drive traffic through paid search, which we don’t allow.  If you’ve chosen this classification and you don’t market this way, you should log in and update this to choose a more appropriate classification like Content or Social Media.  In the case of “Coupons/Deals” we’re really not actively looking for more coupon partners as we work with a select few.  Once again, if you’re really a content or social media promotor, update your profile to reflect this and shoot us an email letting us know and we’ll have a look.
  2. You submitted a site or social media property that isn’t live or is “Under Construction” or has a very limited amount of content and no traffic and.or engagement.   We take our brand and the brands of our vendors and team/league partners seriously and we need to be able to get a feel for whether partnering with you will potentially harm our brand or brands of our partners and that you’re set up for success.
  3. Your content isn’t a fit for us.  There are a few common issues that can keep us from approving a partner like inappropriate content, content that is negative towards our brand or a vendor or league/team partner, violent content (real or game) , sexist or racist/hate content or other content that would negatively reflect on us or our partners.
  4. Reliance on software tools for promotion that work outside of our restrictions
  5. No traffic or engagement – without it, you’re not going to be able to be successful
  6. Located in a geographic location that is high risk for fraud/scam activity

If you are declined, and it doesn’t look like one of the issues above is the problem, or if you have additional sites/social media pages or traffic driving techniques that you didn’t mention in your application, please reach out by email to and let us know  your partner ID, which campaign (brand) you were declined for and provide any additional info that helps make your case.   We do make mistakes and we’re always happy to have another look.   If you come back with a solid appeal email, there’s a good chance we’ll give you a shot or we’ll provide feedback on tweaks you can make to get your application approved.   Unprofessional or threatening responses will not help your cause.