Thank you for partnering with us in one of the Fanatics-powered affiliate programs on  We get a lot of requests for promo codes from creators and we don’t generally offer them for a simple reason:  our site’s promotional engine promotes the site offer VERY aggressively to the point where it’s unlikely that “vanity codes” would be redeemed. This means they would be unreliable as trackers and not give a good user experience for you or for the shopper.   Here are some tips that you can leverage to promote our programs on your Podcast without a vanity promo code.

  1. Be transparent: Disclose your use of affiliate links at the beginning of your podcast episode or at the start of the live read.  Ask your audience to support you by shopping with your brand partners through your link or QR code. Let them know that you will receive a commission if they purchase that will help you keep delivering great content.
  2. Create valuable content: Instead of solely focusing on promoting the product, offer value to your audience by sharing your personal experience, honest opinions, or helpful tips related to the product.
  3. Choose products or services that align with your brand: Select affiliate products or services that are relevant to your podcast’s niche and audience. Promoting products that your listeners are interested in will increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.
  4. Use your voice when you promote offers.  Your audience listens to you for a reason.  Use natural language when promoting offers or talking about products or brand partners vs using 3rd party scripted content.  If you have any questions on whether doing this would cause problems, please ask.
  5. Post links in your show description – include your affiliate links and let shoppers know clearly that purchases made through your links will result in a commission that will support your podcast.
  6. If you have a video simulcast or post your video to YouTube use Create a Link to build a QR code to display on your video during your live reads.
  7. If you have a domain of your own (everyone marketing on line and building a brand should) you can use your own domain to set up easy links for use in your live reads – for instance, if you use WordPress as your CMS, you can use a tool like Pretty Links to build links like that redirect to your affiliate link and start the tracking process.
  8. Be consistent: consistency with the brands you’re promoting builds familiarity and trust with your audience.

By following these best practices, you can effectively promote affiliate links on your podcast without relying on promotional codes.